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Laura Furgeson


Business Overview

Establishing FORM for your daily monetary affairs. (Financial Organization, Reporting, and Maintenance)

Office In Order serves busy professionals, seniors, wealthy individuals with complex lives, small business owners, and others who may need additional support in their home office. 

Services include:

  • Bill paying and mail organization
  • Medical insurance reconciliations and medical recordkeeping
  • Tax document preparation for accountants
  • Bank reconciliations and budget reports
  • Estate document organization and creation of companion reports such as detailed asset inventories, digital password legacy, and other "set your mind at ease" documents for yourself and your beneficiaries 
  • Financial document organization and summary reports
  • Bookkeeping
  • Notary Services

Broad Knowledge and Versatility

Laura Furgeson holds a BS degree in Accounting, has extensive experience in Private, Commercial, and Small Business Banking, and has held notable leadership positions in philanthropic and school organizations. With these significant  experiences Laura Furgeson can work independently or collaboratively for you and be a strong intermediary between you and your financial advisors, family members, and others who may be involved in your daily financial matters. 

Confidentiality and Integrity

Your privacy is our top priority. All personal and sensitive information is stored in a confidential and segmented encrypted environment, if applicable. Office in Order is fully insured and Laura Furgeson is a member of AADMM: American Association of Daily Money Managers.

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Code of Ethics

As a business owner and a dedicated provider of FORM, Office In Order's owner has adopted the highest level of ethics that fully matches the AADMM's code of ethics. Click on the link below to see more.

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Laura Furgeson, Owner


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Monday - Friday   9 am - 6 pm